I Was Born With It,

Why Can't I Birth With It?

During my first pregnancy I wondered why

so many amazing women in my life had given birth via caesarean sections. Many, I knew, had circumstances that gave them no other option, but the sheer number of c-sections around me was alarming.

I looked to my mother and grandmother, both

of whom birthed 4 children, naturally, drug free, and with relatively short labours.

What had changed in the last 30 years? 

I was being prepared for interventions from the beginning of my pregnancy but the more I read and researched, the less I understood my need for them. I was healthy, my baby was healthy

and I came from a long line of women who had birthed naturally and (relatively) easily. 

I was born with this same innate wisdom to birth. I was born with the same hormonal make up.

I was born from and with the same uterus.

The only differences I could find... 

the model of care,

and the belief.

Why you should do the 

Pregnant couple bonding with baby

It's about both of you

There is a lot of focus on mothers (and rightly so!), but birth can be a daunting time for partners too. We give them lots of tips and tricks to help them, to help mum, relax throughout the labour & birth.

A prepared birth partner is a birthing mother's 

best advocate. Plus you get to do something together - bonus bonding time!

Empowered woman

Knowledge is EmPOWERment

They say a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing... That's fine, because we give you lots! Making informed choices and asking the right questions helps you stay in control and feel empowered throughout your pregnancy and birth. We arm you with an understanding of the birth process, a knowledge of the interventions you might face, and how you can keep a positive mindset no matter what challenges you might face along the way.

Pregnant Woman Meditating and Breathing in a field

Time to just breathe

Pregnancy these days can seem like a blur of tests and hospitals, creating stress at regular intervals about various complications you likely don't have . It can be difficult to focus on the

most important things - your baby and yourself. Take time out of the medical jungle to breathe, meditate and contemplate your calm, positive birth. Bring the joy and peace back to your pregnancy. It's how it's supposed to be...

All the stuff

The Hypnobirthing Australia Program is the fastest growing childbirth education program in Australia - because it's the best! Your course fee includes

12 hours face to face tuition, the "Little Book of Hypnobirthing" e-book, 2 guided meditations, Affirmations and an instrumental meditation

track. Your Folio of Resources contains scripts for meditation, visual affirmations, acupressure and lots more. Plus I'll be available to guide you all the way up to your birth & beyond. 

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